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Sword of Destiny 2 (2018)

Twenty years ago, Chang Sun’s family was defeated by eight masters. After long-term Sun Ying and Chang Sunqing escaped from the secret path with their family martial arts, they followed the worship of the Lord Dong Bin, respectively, and they were renamed Sun Ying and Wang Taibai, and they decided to kill the eight masters. Duan Xiaofeng and Wang Feiyan continued to investigate the case and witnessed the death of Cai, and received the death of Changchun. Duan Xiaofeng, who was discouraged, returned to Sun Ying, who was pretending to be sold to Shahong, and brought him back to Yejia. When Sun Ying decided to give up killing Ye Wuji, he was about to leave, but he was discovered by Ye Wuji. Identity. The two men decided to break the battle and lost both after the war. Ye Wuji, who was seriously injured, was murdered by Wang Taibai on his way home.

Genre: Adult

Director: Gino Colbert

Actors: Brigitte Aime, Busty Belle, Vladimir Correa, Karen Dior


Duration: 68